Which Competitions Should I Choose?

Do you get annoyed at people who buy so many tickets they end up buying a third of the total available?  We understand that but would never recommend deploying this tactic;  It is a waste of money on the balance of probability,  they are still more likely to loose than win.  Let’s take a look why…

Let’s say, for this example, there is a competition with 100 total available tickets with 15 minutes left to run and 50 tickets have already been bought.  Let’s also assume that each person has bought one ticket.

Currently, each person has a 2% probability of their ticket winning.  If you buy one ticket,  everyone still has a 2% probability of their ticket winning.

If you decide to buy 50 tickets, everyone’s probability of winning drops to 1%.  Not much difference for them and because you have 50 tickets, you have a 50% probability of winning right?


The probability of you winning is 33% so you’re still more likely to loose than win, just like everyone else.

We recommend using our Odds Probability Calculator for the best chance of winning UK competitions,  simply enter the number of tickets you intend to buy in the left box and the total number of tickets already sold plus the number you put into the left box, into the right hand box and click “Calculate”.