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If you want to enter more competitions, read on to see how to use money generated through matched betting offers to increase your odds!

Having used matched betting in the past, I started to use my income from this to go straight onto online competitions.  This meant I could enter far more competitions and although my earnings from matched betting were at risk, there was still no tangible financial loss of earnings on the competitions I was unsuccessful in winning.  I was a customer of Odds Monkey and know how complicated it can look at first but there are precise walkthroughs on every offer; follow the steps to the letter and there is very little chance of getting it wrong.


Odds Monkey offer two sign up promotions for free in order for you to generate enough to become a premium member with access to an infinite amount of further offers without spending your wages.

Watch the video to see what matched betting is all about and how you can earn money for entering competitions from bookmakers


Odds Monkey have two offers available as a trial user.  This is designed to generate  profit of £62 so you can sign up as a PREMIUM MEMBER FOR FREE.  As a premium member you receive tutorials for hundreds of offers just for signing up to a betting website plus then an INFINATE amount of “reload offers” (offers for existing customers)